This subject has been popping up recently as people are witnessing the changes in society and the way they behave and approach daily chores and activities in life. There is this stigma running about in the lives of people today, especially when it comes to talking about technology replacing manpower. There is this fear overpowering the consciousness of people, fearing that the advancement of technology will make people lose their jobs and then artificial intelligence will take over.

However, people need not be afraid of technological advancement or the development of artificial intelligence. There are thousands of evidence that will prove that statement.

The Convenience of Technology

So far, technology has made human lives far easier and more convenient when it comes to daily living. Take for example with shopping. There are still people that prefer to shop for items at actual department stores. However, there is the growing number of people preferring to buy online because they do not need to get out of their homes. What’s more, they get the pleasure of buying items that are not sold in their country and buy it somewhere else. All they need is provide a few details of their credit card or any other payment system they prefer and the goods will be delivered to them at their doorstep.


Let’s put up a whole new level to this discussion – Artificial Intelligence. People have been witnessing them now, but only portions of it. They are now operating cars wherein various automakers are vehement on completing automated cars because not only will this reduce car accidents, the technology it creates can reduce the consumption of fuel as well. This is because the car comes with its own programs to follow and depending on the manufacturer, it will do its best to deliver the promises it comes with when the buyer first got its hands on the car.

The fear is so great that there are people creating groups that are against the creation of artificial intelligence. However, people need not be afraid. The answer is pretty obvious – artificial intelligence is based mostly on intelligence itself, but it lacks values and experiences. This is why some of the most intelligent and iconic people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are skeptic about technology replacing manpower because of the basic values and experiences that are non-existent among them.

As of now, for computers to attain such a degree of sophistication wherein it has its own values and experiences to use with is only a dream as of this writing. But assuming that artificial intelligence will one day replace some of the people’s work that they have today, they need not be afraid of it at all. The only reason that they are afraid of it is that they are only thinking in terms of what is existing right now versus what other things will exist in the future where the technology AI is going to be doing some labor work? The only way to find out is press on and do what a person can do to achieve a successful and satisfactory life.