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Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is an affordable, desktop PC-powered VR headset.

Oculus Rift isn’t the all-encompassing “future of entertainment,” but we’re optimistic that it might make that title in the coming weeks, months or years.

It’s hard to believe that the Oculus Rift is over a year old already.

It had been one of the biggest launches of last year and yet, by many accounts, it is still early days.

Iphone X

The iPhone X was a huge gamble from Apple, but one that actually paid off.

Losing the home button and altering the design was a dangerous move, but one which has been sorely needed after years of similarity and the premium design, additional power, all-screen front mix together to create – by far – the best iPhone Apple’s ever made.

It’s impossible to give a perfect score to something that costs this much – but this is the closest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever obtained.

What’s New With Us

How Technology is Changing Architecture


Technology has really changed the way people approach various things today, including architecture. Now that the technology involved in architecture has evolved, various architects these days are going for new frontiers wherein architecture is generated through the writing of various algorithms and software. This interacts the physical mechanisms wherein it is built to respond according to its environment, thus evolving and adapting whenever necessary.

Here are some examples of what architectural projects and corresponding technologies can help change the whole face of architecture and how its use can foreplay architecture.

Responsive and Interactive Architecture

The setup on the physical level for its immersive design environment connects infrared motion sensors, multiple projectors, analysis software, and visualization. You will even witness the use of the Kinect motion sensors. These are used in creating the emergent visual effects. There will also be a view of a portal that tracks the participant and then opens up the views locally, and another is a bioresponsive building envelope wherein it blends on particular dynamic patterns and the distinct user interaction. This would be hard to explain without any visuals, but when you get your hands on this technology or find some videos online that gives you an overview on how these works, this will give you a good idea on how it works.

Recently, participants of a workshop have gone out beyond the development design software and started going for the interactive hardware. According to the Bioresponsive Building Envelopes at the Smartgeometry 2012, it developed a unique approach to designing various interactive facades.

With the use of projects, custom software, and Kinects, the team then made an interactive system that designs wherein it generated the building facade designs wherein it can actively reconfigure the basic patterns in responding and fluctuating bioclimatic flows and at the same time adjust to the visuals that are changing for its occupants. This is based on the newly developed film electropolymeric display system that is used for glazing, the movable patterns were made that took the form of the animated and programmable frit.

Digital Fabrication

The entire focus of the Smartgeometry was on digital design and tools, the hardware has been increasingly popping out in the market as well such as robotics, electronics, sensors and a wide array of fabrication machines. The connection of the computational design with the computational manufacture is that it redefines the practice of how architecture is done.

Digital Fab

If you take a look at the cluster “Explicit Bricks” during the Smartgeometry 2010 back in Barcelona, Spain, they utilized an industrial robot, wherein it developed a customized hot-wire cutting process and even designed the constructive system that has blocks that are uniquely formed. This was utilized in order to make complex catenary arches that hold together only through the geometry and weight of the blocks. This workshop showed the complex issues that arise during the assembly constructions wherein it consists of a huge amount of distinct individual parts.

There will be more advances in architectural designing and construction in the future, which goes together with the advancement of technology, too.

Can Technology Replace Manpower?


This subject has been popping up recently as people are witnessing the changes in society and the way they behave and approach daily chores and activities in life. There is this stigma running about in the lives of people today, especially when it comes to talking about technology replacing manpower. There is this fear overpowering the consciousness of people, fearing that the advancement of technology will make people lose their jobs and then artificial intelligence will take over.

However, people need not be afraid of technological advancement or the development of artificial intelligence. There are thousands of evidence that will prove that statement.

The Convenience of Technology

So far, technology has made human lives far easier and more convenient when it comes to daily living. Take for example with shopping. There are still people that prefer to shop for items at actual department stores. However, there is the growing number of people preferring to buy online because they do not need to get out of their homes. What’s more, they get the pleasure of buying items that are not sold in their country and buy it somewhere else. All they need is provide a few details of their credit card or any other payment system they prefer and the goods will be delivered to them at their doorstep.


Let’s put up a whole new level to this discussion – Artificial Intelligence. People have been witnessing them now, but only portions of it. They are now operating cars wherein various automakers are vehement on completing automated cars because not only will this reduce car accidents, the technology it creates can reduce the consumption of fuel as well. This is because the car comes with its own programs to follow and depending on the manufacturer, it will do its best to deliver the promises it comes with when the buyer first got its hands on the car.

The fear is so great that there are people creating groups that are against the creation of artificial intelligence. However, people need not be afraid. The answer is pretty obvious – artificial intelligence is based mostly on intelligence itself, but it lacks values and experiences. This is why some of the most intelligent and iconic people like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are skeptic about technology replacing manpower because of the basic values and experiences that are non-existent among them.

As of now, for computers to attain such a degree of sophistication wherein it has its own values and experiences to use with is only a dream as of this writing. But assuming that artificial intelligence will one day replace some of the people’s work that they have today, they need not be afraid of it at all. The only reason that they are afraid of it is that they are only thinking in terms of what is existing right now versus what other things will exist in the future where the technology AI is going to be doing some labor work? The only way to find out is press on and do what a person can do to achieve a successful and satisfactory life.

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